Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 10 things people say that annoy me as an artist
by Gerry Kissell

10. "You're a good drawer."
Really? Like a sock drawer?

9. "That's kind of expensive for a portrait?"
I spent more time mastering my craft, than med students did in school to become doctors. After 25 years, I have earned the right to charge at least as much as a plumber, lawyer or doctor.

8. "Did you draw/paint that?"
No. I tell people I can draw and paint and then post other people's art in my portfolio.

7. "You should be able to crank that out in no time."
Really? You actually have determined the exact amount of time it takes for me to find inspiration for an idea, sketch it out, do final pencils and or inks and color and or paint it? Wow. What do you need me for if you're so smart? Oh, I'm just the "talent."

6."I don't know what I want, I only know what I don't like."
After 50 to 100 hundred hours of work, they finally approve the art and suddenly ask, "You want how much for the final art?" Really?

5. "How come you don't know how to work on a car?"
My ex father-in-law asked me that. I asked him back, "How come you can't draw a portrait of someone and make it look exactly like them? Ooooooh...same reason."

4. People who act like what I do is a nifty hobby. 
I have done this for 25 years. I actually make a living at it. It's my craft, my career, my lifestyle.

3. Women who like the idea of dating an artist. 
Despite my warnings of the commitment required to do what we do, and then still start bugging us when we are painting at 11pm to 2am, "When are you coming to bed?"

2. "Man, I can't draw a stick figure."
Someone who looks at my work, and the first thing they think to say is that, well, it really doesn't annoy me. Honestly, I am glad, as that is one less person I have to compete with to get a job.

1. "Here's the photo of my kid. Make sure to make him look good."
If nature and a photo can't do it, I can't either.


  1. Yeah, I can sympathize. As a writer I get the same crap, slightly different presentation. "So what are you working on RIGHT NOW?" "A story about idiots with boundary issues."

  2. Hello, Bon.

    I am working on three graphic novels; two historical ones called Bayeux and Battle at Sandy Creek, and a sci-fi one called Sleepers: Inception as well as three comic books. I keep busy. lol