Monday, September 21, 2009

Working on new graphic novel

I am writing, with my writing partner Ernesto Haibi, a new sci-fi graphic novel called Sleepers. I am commissioning some fellow artists to help create some concept art for the technology and creatures, and, because of our similar styles, I'm having Swedish artist Anders Backlund work with me in illustrating the book. I look forward to sharing some of the concept art here when it becomes available.

My Star Trek art

WOLF 359 was created for FXM, Inc., and published as a limited edition art print, which sold out in the first three months.

It was used again for the cover of James Flowers' book The Incredible Internet Guide for Trekkers.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Perfect Planet

Here is another piece of art I created in photoshop. I created this poster for the sci-fi film Perfect Planet. I used composites, paint fx and airbrush.

My first blog

Well, I am testing this out.
Here is my most recent creation. Totally generated in Photoshop, I created this for the cover of Josh Becker's new book, Going Hollywood.
I used composites, and filters, and for Josh himself, I used my wacom tablet to sketch him, and then some paint fx on the clothes, and airbrush on his face.